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Health Ministry Confirms No Coronavirus Patient Was Evacuated From Royal Plaza

The Ministry of Health has said no suspected Coronavirus patient was evacuated from Royal Plaza, a building located downtown Kampala, contrary to false social media reports.

The senior Public Relations Officer at the health ministry Emmanuel Ainebyoona in a statement said that the Ministry of Health surveillance team received an alert from Royal Plaza of a lady suspected to have COVID-19 infection.

The alert was raised by workers at the premise who indicated that the lady had remained rocked in her room for about one week without coming out.

“Contrary to the various social media posts that have been circulating, the Ministry of Health would like to clarify that our teams used a vehicle and ambulance belonging to Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) to approach the said premises,” the ministry said.

Adding: “Upon reaching the said room, a lady occupant revealed that she was undergoing self-quarantine as any other person who has just returned from the flagged high-risk countries with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Ministry adds that the team’s assessment found out this lady had no signs and symptoms but recommended she completes her period of self-quarantine. They will continue monitoring her until when she gets a certificate of completing Self-quarantine.

“The Infectious Diseases Institute has since reiterated that it didn’t evacuate any suspected patient from downtown, Kampala. The Ministry of Health has not registered any case of COVID-19,” says the Ministry, urging Ugandans to remain vigilant and calm but refrain from spreading false rumours.

Prabhat Mishra, the General Manager at Crane Management Services Ltd, the managers of Royal Plaza said that there is no coronavirus case reported from properties managed by the company.

In a separate statement, Crane Management Services Limited, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group, that manages the building clarified that the social media reports are full of falsehood and relay a misconstrued set of facts."

"While the lady reported therein is a tenant in our property at Royal Plaza returned to the country from China a couple of weeks ago, she is duly observed the guidelines recommended by the ministry of health by subjecting herself to self-isolation.

"Since her return, she has never exhibited any signs or symptoms of the deadly coronavirus. We as the property management company for the Ruparelia Group of companies undertake all the relevant precautionary measure recommended by the ministry of health.

Victoria University VC Explains Importance Of Internet Of Things In Today’s Healthcare Management

Internet is a big driver of our social lives and has fast moved on from just enabling humans to seamlessly communicate amongst themselves to enabling professionals to acquire data that enables them to offer life-changing services.

The Internet has revolutionized how humans interact with other humans, and humans with computers and other machines; these interactions have led to the human race to find solutions a myriad of problems in all sectors that facilitate life.

And in this era of Internet of Things (IoT) the human race is faced with a pacy transformation of how life is lived and the general welfare in key sectors like health, education, military and industrialization. This is generally expected to improve life.

In the medical world, with the deployment of the Internet of Things, good things are happening. The IoT or the Internet of Medical things (IoMT) or Smart Healthcare as is known in the medical world is creating a digitized healthcare system, connecting available medical resources and healthcare services.

IoT makes healthcare service delivery effective

The Vice Chancellor of Victoria University Assoc. Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, also a renowned researcher and publisher, attests that IoT in healthcare is enabling interoperability, machine-to-machine communication, information exchange, and data movement that makes healthcare service delivery effective.

According to the Vice Chancellor, IoT applications in healthcare including telemedicine, medical management systems, clinical operation, inpatient monitoring, connected imaging and others are helping in clinical research, diagnostic laboratories and administering of medicine in hospital and clinics.

Assoc. Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, who recently as the Keynote speaker during the 2nd Annual Higher Education Conference at Hotel Africana Kampala was presenting a paper on the essence of health care management stated that the importance of internet of things in health care management is that it assists in monitoring the health of patients, prevention, diagnosing patients with illnesses as well as maintaining progress of the patient.

Need for the training of human resource

"The IoT is aimed at solving real-life health problems among citizens of Uganda and the world at large. The only way is to train human resource on how to use these devices so as to have proper health care management among different communities today.

This training will have a huge positive impact on society and health fraternity in terms of health care management. This training will have a huge positive impact on the society and health fraternity in terms of health care management.,” he said.  

The Vice Chancellor highlighted that it would be good to adopt Information & communications technologies (ICTs) that are continually viewed as having the potential to address several challenges in Africa including in the health sector.

The 2nd Annual Higher Education Conference that was organized by National Council for Higher Education was attended by the Vice Chancellors of Top Ugandan Universities, Ministry of Education and Sports Executives, Executives from National Council of Higher Education, Embassy delegates among others.


Always, Pampers Maker Procter & Gamble Vows To Expand Investment In Uganda

Procter & Gamble (P & G) President for Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa (AMA), Suranjan Magesvaran met with Hon Minister Esther Mbayo at the Statehouse in Kampala last week.

This was in re-affirmation of Procter & Gamble’s time and expanded investments in Uganda. Some of P & G’s products in Uganda are Ariel, Always, Gilette, Pampers and Vicks among others.

The Procter & Gamble Company,  founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble, is an American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Hospitals, Schools Get 3,200 Litres Of Milk Fresh Dairy Donation

Fresh Dairy has donated over 3,200 litres of milk in total to four (4) less privileged communities to include: Uganda Burns and Plastic Surgery Institute – Kiruddu Mulago hospital, Bless a Child Foundation, Butabika hospital and Ntinda School for the Deaf.

This was in a bid to give back to the communities in which Fresh Dairy operates, while helping to boost the health and nutrition of the recipients who are in dare need of it.

Marketing Manager, Brookside Limited, the producers of Fresh Dairy products - Vincent Omoth said, ‘As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Fresh Dairy believes in continuously giving back healthy and nutritious products to the communities in which we operate. This ensures that even the less privileged get an opportunity to enjoy our products. For this reason, we have donated over 3,200 litres of milk over the past 1 week alone to 4 less privileged communities.’

Uganda Burns and Plastic Surgery Institute looks after over 500 burns patients every year of which 60 percent are children aged 5 years and below. Dr. Namatovu Christine of UBPSI said that most of the burns patients are children below the age of 5 years who are mainly burnt by hot water/food from unprotected cooking areas. She further noted that these children have high nutritional needs of which milk is key. She applauded Fresh Dairy, and noted that their patients stay in the Ward from 3 weeks to even more than 6 months.

Bless a Child Foundation, which is a non-profit organization provides care support services to children from the ages of 0 – 12 years suffering from Paediatric cancer and related infections. Brian Walusimbi, Founder and Executive Director – Bless a Child Foundation thanked Fresh Dairy for the milk donation which will go a long way in supplementing the diet of their Paediatric cancer patients.

Butabika hospital is a Government hospital that offers medical access for mental health, psychiatric social work services, occupational therapy, psychology unit and private services. Dr. Basangwa David, Executive Director - Butabika hospital said, ‘At Butabika hospital, we’re registering an increasing number of patients that are reporting for services with an average of between 800 and 850 patients at any one time, with 100 – 200 being outpatients. All these patients require high nutritional boosts because of the medication that they are on. ‘We therefore thank Fresh Dairy for the great nutritional boost by donating milk to us.

The Ntinda School for the Deaf is a Government aided Primary School that looks after deaf children with multiple disabilities. The school's primary task is to cater for the education, interests and special needs of deaf children in Uganda. The school has over 200 children aged between 4 years to 14 years, and often remains their place of solace even after they complete school. Mr Anguyo Elias, a teacher at the school thanked Fresh Dairy for the good gesture and acknowledged that it is such joint efforts that go along-way in supporting the deaf children under their care.

Omoth concluded that Fresh Dairy will continue giving back to various communities in Uganda, as a way of saying thank you for all the support from the wider general public.


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