Why Every School Must Have A Sick Bay, Nurse For Emergencies

Every school is mandated to have a functioning sick bay Every school is mandated to have a functioning sick bay COURTESY PHOTO

Thousands of pupils and students spend much of their young life in schools under the custody of school administrators. School going children who are in boarding schools spend more time with teachers and dorm masters than with their parents. Some enter boarding as early as 4 years.

This means that schools must take utmost care of the children on behalf of parents. This responsibility doesn’t end at giving them classroom knowledge and shelter but also to ensure that children are in sound health. The school’s ability to ensure a health stay of children gives parents comfort to entrust them with their off springs.

For schools to pull this off, they must have what is widely known as sick bays that are well equipped with a health personnel, medicine and equipment. A sick bay is a room set aside for the treatment or accommodation of sick students in a school. It can be used as a resting room for the sick. It is a micro hospital.

Daphne Kato, the Principal of Kampala Parents’ School enlightens that good health, both physical and mental, is essential for a successful learning experience. “Children who are unwell at school or suffer minor injuries must be treated by a qualified full-time nurse in the school Sick Bay.”

Kampala Parents’ School has fully stocked sickbay with the necessary drugs and first aid equipment to ensure that all emergencies are dealt with in the best possible way at the school. Parents are informed of any serious injury and are contacted if a doctor or hospital visit is advised.

“It is imperative that the school has up to-date emergency contact details for all children on file. We also ask that children who are unwell are not sent to school as they are unable to learn and may pass infection to other children and staff members.” Kato noted.

While schools are mandated to have a health facility at school, parents must good precaution when sending their children to school. Adam Mwesigye, a medical practitioner in Kampala says that parents must inform school administration about any illness that the children might be having and possible prescribed first aid in case of an emergency.


“There is no need to send your child to school if he or she is not feeling well. Let the child get treatment, get well then send her or him to school. The school priority is not to give medical care to your child that is your responsibility as a parent.” Mwesigye stated.  He adds that critical medical conditions must be declared to school admins. 

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