Skipping Breakfast Is A Bad Idea, La Cabana Restaurant Chef

Skipping Breakfast Is A Bad Idea, La Cabana Restaurant Chef

A chef and nutritionist at La Cabana Restaurant has warned that by regularly missing breakfast, the first meal of a day, you risk attracting certain health problems, explaining that starting your morning with breakfast will boost your metabolism.

La Cabana Restaurant & bar at Speke Apartments, Wampeweo Avenue, is the only Kampala’s premium and ritzy churrasco grill restaurant in Uganda. Their menu consist of Uganda’s natural foods, ranging from garden vegetables, fruits and goods harvested from local gardens.

Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

While breakfast menu differs from place to place, it is common to find eggs, bananas, milk, water, sugar, cereals, breads, fruits, meats and other foods on the breakfast table.

Eating breakfast, the researchers conclude, is essential for keeping our body clock running on time. It provides the necessary energy that one needs to perform during the day. Skipping breakfast can lead to exhaustion, extreme hunger, and lack of focus.

If you are single and can barely fix a quick health breakfast for yourself, restaurants like La Cabana at Speke Apartments, Wampewo Avenue, are providing the perfect alternative for you not to miss this important meal.

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