Sanitation, Hygiene Key To Child's Survival, Development And Growth

Sanitation, Hygiene Key To Child's Survival, Development And Growth

Schools have a central place in the health of a community therefore sanitation and hygiene are key to a child's survival, development and growth, a school administrator at Kampala Parents School said in an interview, explaining that good health and hygiene practices go hand-in-hand with effective learning.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, our primary aim of school hygiene education is to improve behavior through useful practices connected to personal, water, food, domestic and public hygiene. Also, we aim to protect water and food supplies and to safely manage environmental factors.

Our cleaners do a great job by cleaning regularly as a full time job keeping the school premises clean. Disinfectants such as dettol-liquid, harpic, jik, powder soap, hand gel etc are provided with constant clean running water to ensure that the toilets are kept clean and free from any infections. Furthermore the children are taught how to use the washrooms and to maintain their cleanliness.

Equally, learning about having a healthy and hygienic lifestyle helps give children the independence and confidence to make well-informed decisions about their health, which have life-long implications.”

Children are at the danger of succumbing to communicable diseases therefore schools must put in an effort to ensure safety for proper child growth. Parents must also consider the hygienic safety of their children when selecting a school for their children.

Kampala Parents which is located in Kololo area believes that a clean environment will support the health and well-being of children now and in the future. “We take every step to ensure that our staff is fully vetted and suitable for working in a school environment. Our school cleaning services are designed to ensure that students and teachers alike are afforded a safe and clean place to work and study.

Our caretakers and grounds maintenance teams are also dedicated to ensuring that the school building, playground and other facilities are well maintained, secure and safe; Reducing the chances of accidents and injury.”  

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