How To Eat Meat And Remain Health

The Gauchos serving meat at La Cabana Restaurant in Kampala The Gauchos serving meat at La Cabana Restaurant in Kampala

Many of us humans love to sink a tooth into a fatty piece of meat when making merry but over the years it has been widely publicized that meat is a danger to anyone’s health.

Actually certain diseases like goita, cancer and cancer related illness are associated to over consumption of meat. But certain schools of thought suggest that meat actually be the ingredient you need to live a health life.

Late last year, Kampala’s hospitality industry received a new entrant with a specialty of serving meat, the Brazilian churrasco way. La Cabana Restaurant located at Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue in Kampala city has since made a name as the place of meat and a good life.

Well aware of the risks of consuming meat, we sought the guidance of a professional to tell you our esteemed readers how you can continue to enjoy meat without worrying about any complication.

In an exclusive interview, La Cabana Restaurant’s Felix Sendagire, the chief gaucho or chef/waiter, offers important tips that can protect you from the dangers of meat without giving up on sweetness of meat.

Sendagire says that a person should know their body well before deciding to continue eating meat or quit. He said while some people can accommodate the fatty nutrients in the meat others cannot and tend to get overweight which might cause heart diseases.

“Knowing how your body reacts when you eat meat is important. That way you can know when to stop or not,” Sendagire stated in an interview, before adding, “You should know how your digestion system absorbs the meat you have eaten. This is also determined by the time you eat the meat,”

He explains that meat should not be eaten immediately when going to sleep of just watch television. “You should eat it at least three to four hours before bed time for the digestion to burn the meat and absorb in the digestion system,”

He however says that eating meat when you are going to work out or drink beer is a good idea. “When we work out, we burn all the food and energy in the body. This means quick digestion of the meat,”

Over consumption of large mounds of meat pieces is not health but a piece or a few pieces won’t do your body any harm. The idea is however much the meat is tasty and yummy know when to stop.

He says that much as La Cabana Restaurant for meat, they care about the lives of their customers. “Before we serve them, we explicitly tell them what we are serving them. Some customers don’t drink alcohol so it would be bad if served meat marinated in alcohol. Others have allergies, so we ask them,”

La Cabana Restaurant at Speke Apartments, Wampeweo Avenue, is Kampala’s premium and ritzy churrasco grill restaurant in Uganda serving unlimited meats that have been marinated, cooked with full flavour and to perfection by our most senior grill chef.

The meat is served by the gaucho army, what you would call you everyday waiters and waitresses nut are dressed in complete Brazilian cowboys outfits to give it a complete Brazilian experience.

Armed with Rambo knives and skewers of pork, top sirloin steak, lamb legs, rock salt pork cubes, BBQ chicken and beer marinated chicken, the gauchos are ever ready to refill your plate Brazilian churrasco style.


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