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Kampala Parents Turns To Zoom Classes As COVID19 Keeps Schools Closed

Kampala Parents School has announced that it is adopting the use of the internet to deliver lessons to their pupils under lockdown caused by COVID19 pandemic.

The Ruparelia Group owned school has been conducting televised teaching programs on NTV Uganda, NBS Television and Facebook Live.

However, these televised programs have been targeting mostly the Primary Seven pupils who are preparing for Primary Leaving exams.

The school, however, is considering lessons for all pupils and classes with the use of the trending new video conference online platform Zoom.

The school has now announced that it will stop those televised programs and take the classes online using the Zoom Application. Daphne Kato, the school’ Principal said learners will need to have access to the internet and gadgets like laptops, smartphones, iPads and computers.

The online lessons will run from Tuesday, 26th May 2020 for P5, P6 and P7 classes. Then Thursday, 29th May 2020 P3 and P4 classes will start getting their lessons. On Tuesday, 4th June 2020, classes of pre-primary (Middle and Top), P1 and P2 will start getting their lessons.

“COVID19 is still on the rise, so guard the children jealously and ensure they observe the presidential and ministry of health directives. we need them alive,” Kato said in a statement addressed to parents.

Kato advised that parents, guardians, house helpers and elder siblings can help the pupils to operate the gadgets and have the Zoom app up and running. They can do this by downloading the Zoom app onto the gadget and sign up a Zoom account for logging in. The school will then share a link in the class WhatsApp group. the user can click on the link and follow the class.

"Assessment will be sent via the WhatsApp groups. Answers can be sent to teachers using his direct WhatsApp group, hand delivery to school gate with the child's full name and class or on the class email addresses that will be provided.  

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