Nutrition Important For Good Workout Results

Nutrition Important For Good Workout Results

It is a common occurrence to see someone working so hard to cut down on body weight or trying to get their bodies in shape munching on fatty meats or galloping pints of non-sugar free beer or alcohol generally.  

Experts say the food we eat as we workout greatly affects the results and how long it takes to achieve these good results we aspire to get.  

For that matter, if you are to get good results from your workout routine, you need an expert’s advice on what to eat.

A trainer at The City Gym, one of Kampala’s top class gymnasiums, says that pre and post workout nutrition is important. Therefore you need to plan for health food which you consumer before and after working out.

He explains that having the right diet is 80% of the battle when you are looking to redefine your physique.

“Whether you are looking to lose weight, lean out, bulk up or build more muscle the right nutrition will amplify the effects of your workouts.” he says.

The City Gym, located on Kampala Boulevard building in the city centre, has a well-stocked juice bar which helps customers replenish what was taken away as they worked out.

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