University Commits To Improve Nutritional Status Of Pupils

University Commits To Improve Nutritional Status Of Pupils

Victoria University (VU) Students on internship at Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC), Joanita Nalule, Rebecca Suubi and Daphine Kyampire, recently launched their brain child, a Nutrition Club at Miriam Duggan Primary school in Kamwokya.

Miriam Duggan Primary school started by a Franciscan Missionary Sister for Africa, and Medical Doctor Sister Miriam Duggan who is a medical doctor, obstetrician gynecologist, has a vision to improve the quality of orphans and vulnerable children through equipping them with skills that will enable them identify and handle social, moral, spiritual and economical.

In line with the school vision, the Nutrition club envisions a generation that is free of malnutrition. The goal of the club is to equip the young generation with nutritional knowledge that can be passed on to improve the nutritional status of pupils at Sr.Miriam Duggan primary school and their respective households and beyond. This will be achieved through:

  1. Nutrition exhibition

This will create a platform for the children to showcase what they have learnt about nutrition as well as any skills acquired to members of Kamwokya community Some of the activities that can take place include food demonstrations, small presentations on backyard farming and hygiene as they too affect nutrition.

  1. Backyard farm

Creating a standard backyard farm at the school would also be a major milestone for the club at the school. This backyard farm would help the school incorporate a variety of foods into the diet of children to improve their nutrition but also be used as a learning tool for other pupils as well as other community members.

  1. c) Cooking classes

Another major of activity planned to be carried is cooking classes, whereby children will get to learn about different kinds of cooking and food diversification. Competitions will also be embedded into this plan as a mode of learning to motivate the children.

The Dean of Health Sciences at VU, Professor Stephen Lawoko noted that “this pilot project at Miriam Duggan Primary school can serve as a demonstration school for nutrition school initiatives.

For sustainability, VU can continue to feed into this project by taking it to the next level using its Nutrition students on internship programs.

Data must however be generated and research undertaken to demonstrate the efficiency of the initiative in achieving its goal, before it is rolled out to other schools. Victoria University has taken a lead in this process”

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