Leave Your Fitness Dream At Kabira Country Club Gym

Kabira Country Club gym Kabira Country Club gym

Many people chase for their fitness dreams in the wrong places and working out with the wrong people. This sometimes is demoralizing and frustrating. When this happens, one can easily give up and miss out on the benefits of working out.

But when you work out in the right place and with the people who are professional and well equipped, going to gym becomes a hobby and each moment you accomplish something. The environment, the people and equipment matter a lot if anybody is to achieve their fitness dreams.

Kabira Country Club in Bukoto is a hotel many people know for its exquisite gym and buzzing atmosphere. Kabira is known to have East Africa’s most prestigious and well equipped, health, fitness and leisure club.

Our gym is the biggest and best equipped in East Africa. Coupled with our world-class sporting and recreational facilities, we cater for a wide range of fitness and wellness pursuits, says Rakesh Hurrychurn, the General Manager, Kabira Country Club.

“All our equipment is by Techno Gym, the leading worldwide supplier of gym and fitness equipment and more than three-quarters of our treadmills are fitted with Visioweb. This platform allows you to integrate peripheral functionality into your exercise regime,”

“So you can watch video tutorials or TV, or even connect your iPod or iPhone and enjoy your personal play list. A qualified fitness trainer is on call should you require personal or professional instruction.

For the pursuit of fitness, you can joing dance classes like Aqua Aerobics, Spinning, Zumba, Sukuma, Pilates, Prana Yoga (Rosa), Kick Boxing and No Flex Zone. These classes are playfully fun, easy to go about with great results.

With 95 luxurious guest-rooms and exceptional amenities, Kabira Country Club is perfect for a relaxing get away and somewhere to hold a special event, or an impressive venue for a business gathering.

Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, Kabira Country Club has all you could possibly need in a modern, comfortable hotel, situated in a wonderful location.

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