Five Healthy Benefits Of Practicing Taekwondo

Five Healthy Benefits Of Practicing Taekwondo

For many people, the only time they see people practicing taekwondo is during international sporting events like the Olympics or in movies.

Not many people that sport of taekwondo is a great source of body wellness if done for leisure and under the watch of a professional trainer.

In Uganda, taekwondo is not a prominent sport and not many gyms offer to teach this art at a fitness and body shaping workout.

In Kampala, it is only The City Gym, located at Kampala Boulevard on Kampala road and Speke Apartments Gym, at Speke Apartments on Wampewo that offer professional taekwondo training for health benefits.

For this article, we sought out the experts at Speke Apartments Gym to tell as the core health benefits of practicing taekwondo and below is what they had to say.

  1. It Improves muscle tone and appearance
  2. Increases strength and stamina
  3. It improves confidence and self-esteem
  4. It improves agility and reflexes; and
  5. It improves concentration and focus.

The trainers, however, warn that to achieve the health benefits, one must be committed and adhere to the training schedule as agreed upon by the trainer.

And while other people might look at taekwondo teaches you to fight and a tool for violent fights, experts instead say that taekwondo in its true spirit teaches you not to fight because it is a peaceful sport. 

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