School – Parent Relationship Key To Child’s Growth

School – Parent Relationship Key To Child’s Growth

Parents in modern society spend less time with their children entrusting the social and health development of their children to school administration. According to most parents talked to, teachers, because of the overwhelming number of children seeking their attention are not able to evenly pay concentration to the demanding children in their custody.

This is why a relation between teachers charged with the welfare of your child in a given school is important, experts say. The experts believe that every parent must personally meet the teacher who is in charge of their children learning because it not affects their academic development but also their classroom output.

The lack of this relation is the reason why many children are struggling in class. They spend many months from their parents. Even in holidays, not many parents spend some quality time with their toddlers. This, education experts say, prohibits their learning experience.

However professional schools are forging ways of improving on how they relate with parents. Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) for example has what they call the ‘welcome Back Event’ which doesn’t only welcome their students from holiday but also parents.

The school administration, students and parents meet at a cup of tea, coffee or a soft drink and discuss the progress of a child. This discussion centers on the performance of the child in school, how child relates with teachers and parents.

“It’s not just new students who can be assured of a warm welcome to KISU. PTA Coffee Mornings at the beginning of each year aim to help new parents to make new friends, meet senior teachers and learn about some of the great work our PTA undertakes,” a statement from KISU said.

This approach of education can be incorporated in public and other private schools because it guarantees good results for the learners, school and parents who endure the burden of paying school fees.  

Kampala Parents’ School continuously endeavors to “sow the seeds of success” by working with parents to nurture ‘our children through these very important years of education’.

“With a large team of terrific teachers and superb support staff, we work really hard to make our school a beautiful place and are very proud of the quality of our learning environment

We place learning at the center of our school. We aim to encourage children in their strengths, whilst supporting them to embrace new challenges.

Our school philosophy is to provide our children with the best possible all-round education in a safe caring and loving environment. We aim to create a culture where thinking and learning flourish. We hope to lay good foundations for future learning so that our children can become full and active members of society.”

Many times parents forget that they have a role to play in the struggle of their children’s’ attempt to grow. They think that because they have paid schools fees and other requirements, they are done. This is not the case, as most education experts have over the year’s elaborated.

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