Children Playing Improves Their Academic Performance

Children Playing Improves Their Academic Performance

Children’s play is linked to improvement in academic skills, classroom behavior, healthy emotional attitudes and better adjustment to school life, career guidance experts at Kampala Parents’ School have revealed.

For example at Kampala Parents’ School pupils are given time to play with guidance of their teachers. The school principal Ms Daphine Kato adds that the playing shouldn’t stop at school with supervision of teachers but also at home under the watch of parents.

“It is very important for parents to have a program, a time table for the children. For example from morning to break, a child can do some house work and then after play with siblings and friends or can concentrate on books then play in the afternoon,” the seasoned teacher said in an interview.

She added: “Every child has the right to a good- quality education. At Kampala parents school, our mission is to facilitate first- class education and civilization within and outside Uganda,”

“Encourage your child to choose an activity they think will be fun. Childhood is the best time for exploring interests. At KPS we have a variety of clubs that your child can choose to join.

Our versatile approach to teaching incorporates contemporary methods and maintains traditional values. Apart from the four academic subjects, we teach our pupils vocational skills which help them gain knowledge of how to be self reliant.” Ms Kato said.

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