Guard Your Children Against Strangers, Principal Advises As Holiday Kicks Off

Ms Daphine Kato, Principal Kampala Parents' School Ms Daphine Kato, Principal Kampala Parents' School

Parents need to guard their children against strangers and monitor kind of friends they have in this school holiday, the Principal Kampala Parents School has advised. She compelled parents to put in place proper security at home to secure the holiday makers.

The academician also had a couple of tips for parents on how to manage the young ones. She advises that in ensuring children’s parents should not over restrict them instead they should draw a timetable which the toddlers can follow.

“What is important is balancing time for both playing and reading books. They need to play as well as read books. So it is very important for parents to have a program, a time table for the children.

For example from morning to break, a child can do some house work and then after that can play or can concentrate on books then play in the afternoon. It needs a balanced time table, not to concentrate on one,”

The problem is if they don’t read, they will completely switch off and forget. When they return to school, they start from zero. This is why we are saying; let them have a balanced time table that caters for both reading and playing,”

She adds that teaching your kids to do housework instead of creating it, not only lightens your load, but also teaches then a lifelong domestic skill. She encourages parents to give young kids a chance to find their own solutions.

“When you lovingly acknowledge a child's minor frustrations without immediately rushing in to save her, you teach her self-reliance and resilience.”

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