Church Of Latter day Saints Donates Wheelchairs To Ministry Of Health

Church Of Latter day Saints Donates Wheelchairs To Ministry Of Health

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter ­day Saints based in United States of America donated 270 Wheelchairs worth 2 billion shillings to Ministry of Health. The Donation comes at a time when Ministry of Health is in the final planning stage for a massive assessment of the magnitude of people faced with physical disability resulting from accidents and the recent internal conflict in Northern Uganda.

Records at the Ministry of Health headquarters show that Uganda has 1.5 million people with disabilities and majority of whom have physical disability.

Zalwango Salama, a resident of Bwaise and Ronald Wisdom who stays in Kanyanya village, Kampala suburbs have been disabled since childhood. They both have been having of challenge of crawling due to lack of funds to secure for themselves a wheelchair. Now, they are among the lucky Ugandans that have received assistance through the humanitarian missionaries for the church in Uganda.

Ronald Wisdom says that the new Wheelchair will assist him to reach to his relatives, go for further studies and also be able to get some merchandise which he can sell and better himself.

Tonny Achol a Masters degree student at Makerere urged the beneficiaries of the wheelchairs not to sell them but rather use them to be of help to themselves and the entire community they live in. He also requested people with disability impairment  to not only be recipients but to endeavor and become job creators.

The Wheel Chair Coordinator in Uganda, Rose Bongole (Mrs) says “for a long period of time, Uganda has been battling with poor assessment and screening people with disabilities before accessing reliable, quality wheelchairs and the WHO recommended supportive appliances. This resulted into getting second hand donations, but this poor habit  has  now been stopped”.

The Welfare Service Missionaries representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter­day Saints based  in  USA, Ralph Howard  pledged  continued support to Uganda in the area   of supportive appliances to people with disabilities. Mr. Howard further stated that they are going to build the capacity of  the Ugandan Orthopedic technicians to be able to become   experts in managing people with disabilities.

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