Dairy Development Authority Supervise Fresh Dairy’s School’s Program

Dairy Development Authority Supervise Fresh Dairy’s School’s Program

Dairy Development Authority (DDA) officials have on Thursday paid a supervisory visit to the Fresh Dairy school’s program held at City Parents School in Rubaga division. The on-going Fresh Dairy school’s program is aimed at educating children on nutrition with an inclination towards encouraging the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day’ as a healthy and nutritious snack.

The program which started on 2nd July is scheduled to run the entire 2nd Term and will be held in 350 primary schools in Kampala, Mukono and Entebbe.The Dairy Development Authority (DDA) is mandated with performing regulatory and dairy development services for stakeholders in the dairy sector in Uganda.

The Dairy development function supports the development of the dairy sector into a sustainable, competitive and vibrant sector as well serving as an advisor to government on dairy industry development policies and legislative measures in respect to the provision of linkages between research, extension staff and support to dairy farmers.

While the regulatory services function offers a basis for policy and advocacy activities in terms of evidence based, appropriate, affordable and culturally sensitive dairy practices. Musa Kubula, Principal Dairy Development Authority Officer Representative said, ‘DDA’s participation in Fresh Dairy’s school program is to ensure that we start work ahead of time to encourage milk consumption in Uganda.

Currently, Uganda has a very low milk consumption of 60 litres per person per year, which is too less compared to the World Health Organization recommendation of 200 litres per person per year.’ Kubula further said that DDA would like to see a gradual increase of milk consumption to happen over the coming years, which will in turn increase on the farmer’s income from raw milk sales to the processors.

Kubula also noted that on DDA is also working with other processors that promote milk consumption everywhere to ensure that the general milk consumption among people in Uganda is increased.

Caroline Muchobia, Health and Nutrition Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘The Fresh Dairy school’s program is informed by the prevalence of malnutrition in children under 5 years of age in Uganda that is persistently high with over 38percent of them suffering from chronic malnutrition (stunting), 16 percent being underweight (low weight-for-age) and 6 percent are suffering from acute malnutrition (wasting, or low-weight-for-height). The Fresh Dairy school program is therefore an intervention initiative that uses edutainment in form of an engaging show, theatre, song and dance to educate children on nutrition and the benefits of consuming 1-Yoghurt-a-Day.’

Muchobia said, ‘One of our key priority areas at Fresh Dairy is Health and Nutrition. We do this through:

  • Promoting healthy nutrition through educational programs and services for both parents and healthcare professionals.
  • Establishing common goals to measure improvement in dietary habits and improvement of short and long term health.
  • Investing in scientific research in the field of nutrition, and working with healthcare professionals to develop innovative solutions to help improve the health of current and future generations.

The Deputy Head teacher City Parents School, Paul Richard Kasadha thanked Fresh Dairy for running the school’s program that will go along-way in helping children learn more about the benefits of having a balanced diet, and more especially, the importance of including dairy products as part of their daily meals.


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