Performing Arts, Sports Key In Child’s Growth, School Performance

Pupils at Kampala Parents' School performing a cultural dance Pupils at Kampala Parents' School performing a cultural dance

A child who has the opportunity to study the performing arts becomes more interesting, expressive and motivated because it helps them reduce any fears they may have about performing or even speaking in front of a crowd, child growth experts at Kampala Parents School have revealed.

 Similarly, children's participation in sports at an early age works to develop their physique, cognitive skills, social relationships thus identifying and tapping into the different talents these children may have.

 To enable this, Kampala Parents' School hires professional and multi-disciplined teachers to serve and educate children in the best possible way.

 “Our teachers are well facilitated to share their knowledge and skills providing pupils with many positive experiences that will help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for the world,” Ms Daphne Kato the Principal of Kampala Parents said of their academic staff.

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