Insurance Services Provider Goldstar In Key Blood Donation Drive

Insurance Services Provider Goldstar In Key Blood Donation Drive

Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd has done the noble thing and spearheaded a key drive to have Ugandans donate blood as a way of addressing the blood deficit at blood banks across the country.

John Kawuma deputy managing director Goldstar Insurance said they are encouraging the general public to give blood and save a life. ”There is an acute need of blood in the country and everyone needs it at some point.

Kawuma said the Friday event will not be the last of activities in addressing this blood shortage. Jay Sakaria Business Development Manager GoldStar Insurance said their partnershiop with Nakasero blood Bank is long term and not about to end.

“We shall be glad to get as many units since blood is blood and it is important to create awareness and collect as much as possible,” he said.

Uganda annually needs about 350,000 units of blood but they raise about 280,000- 300,000 leaving a deficit of 50,000 units and for every 10 people that need blood transfusion 3 are able to get.

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