Prudential To Cover COVID-19 Expenses For Its Customers

Arjun Mallik, Managing Director, Prudential East Africa Arjun Mallik, Managing Director, Prudential East Africa COURTESY PHOTO

Insurance firm Prudential has announced a cash pay-out to its customers, should they unfortunately be diagnosed with Covid-19. The firm said the pay-out is intended to help victim’s family manage expenses while they are in recovery.

In addition, if a customer is admitted to a hospital with Covid-19, Prudential will provide a daily allowance at no extra cost to the client. Covid -19 is impacting everyone and all aspects of our lives, said Arjun Mallik, Managing Director, Prudential East Africa.

‘In times of uncertainty, it is important that an insurer deliver on its promises. For nearly two centuries, Prudential has been standing up for clients and communities in good times and bad, and we stand with Uganda in this challenging time”, said Arjun Mallik, Managing Director, Prudential East Africa.

“The Covid 19 cover is applicable to all Prudential clients with a Pru Edusave or Prudential medical card, with in-force policies (up to date premiums). New clients who join within the next 45 days, will also be covered under this scheme. Tests need to be conducted from ‘Ministry of Health’ approved testing centres’’ Arjun added.

Al-hajji Kaddunabi Lubega, CEO, Insurance Regulatory authority said “this is a true exhibition of the ability of life insurance to help protect Ugandans in uncertain times and, as a regulator of the insurance sector, I commend Prudential Uganda for continuing to cover their clients during this pandemic and providing an extra service to Ugandans at no extra cost.”.

Effective immediately, Prudential Uganda is

  • Providing customers, staff and agents with a range of additional COVID-19 insurance cover at no cost
  • Waiving ‘pandemic’ exclusions written into policy language
  • Simplifying claims procedures and enabling claims to be made via WhatsApp
  • Setting up dedicated claims teams that function even if the physical offices are shut
  • Enabling customers to buy insurance without need to meet face to face with an agent

We shall continue to honour all claims swiftly as we have for nearly two centuries, including during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 which affected a quarter of the world’s population at the time.

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