DEPRESSING: Coronavirus Cases In Uganda Now Standing At 203

Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng INTERNET PHOTO

Uganda’s health ministry Friday night announced that the country had registered 43 new COVID-19 cases from 1,838 samples of truck drivers taking the total numbers of coronavirus cases to 203.

The ministry also revealed that all 720 community samples tested negative for COVID-19 meaning that all the day’s cases were imported from the neighbouring countries just like the case has been in the past days.

Of the 43 new cases, 28 cases were registered at Uganda-South Sudan Elegu border post consisting of 15 Ugandans, 9 Kenyans and 4 Eritreans. At the Mutukula border (bordering with Tanzania), 6 cases of 5 Tanzanians and 1 Burundian were registered.

At the Kenya border of Malaba, 9 cases of 5 Kenyans, 2 Ugandan, 1 Burundian and 1 unknown nationality cases were registered. The total number of cases tested today was 2558. Since the first case was registered 63 cases have since recovered; no death has been recorded.

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