PHOTOS: Ruparelia Foundation Hands Over Eco Brick Toilet Project To Slum Dwellers

Rajiv Ruparelia, Patrick Mujuzi and rapper Fresh Kid launching the eco brik toilets that will serve Good Samaritan Primary School in Nsooba Rajiv Ruparelia, Patrick Mujuzi and rapper Fresh Kid launching the eco brik toilets that will serve Good Samaritan Primary School in Nsooba COURTESY PHOTO

A team from The Ruparelia Foundation Friday evening handed over the eco brick toilet project to residents of Nsooba cell in Mulago III, Kamwokya and pupils of Good Samaritan Primary School.

The foundation said the project will benefit 500 underprivileged pupils of Good Samaritan Primary School which has been running without toilets and local residents in the neighbourhood.


The facilities were built using proceeds from the Royal Ascot Goat Races 2019 held at Speke Resort Munyonyo in partnership with Tamarai investments Ltd and Ghetto Research Lab also the project contractor.

Other funders included Tusker larger, Robbialac, Speke Resort Munyonyo, NTV Uganda, Sanyu FM and Goldstar insurance company. The construction of the project commenced on December 6th 2019 but delayed due to COVID- 19 pandemic.


Rajiv Ruparelia, a trustee of Ruparelia Foundation, said the project was chosen due to its sustainability in nature and its positive impact on the environment while helping local community to earn a living through skills and knowledge transfer.

“This project is going to help very many children, girls and women to go back to school and it’s this facility that the whole community will benefit from because now they have where to put the human waste,” Rajiv said.


He also explained that this project has helped to reduce plastic pollutants in Kamwokya slum area because plastic bottles have been collected and turned into bricks as a way of restoring beneficial uses of plastic waste management as outlined in the KCCA Waste Management act.


Rajiv revealed that the foundation plans to put in place 50 more projects like the one of Kamwokya across Uganda as a way of reaching to more communities while positively impacting the environment.

Patrick Mujuzi the founder of Ghetto research lab who is also the contractor says he came in this slum area 12 years back after completing his education from Kyambogo University.


“I found when the environment was at risk because of plastic wastes which were being disposed into the area and some were being carried by the running water”. Mujuzi said.

Mujuzi added that through a friend, they thought of solution of building using plastic bottles the project he says is now employing 500 women in the area and men to earn a living.

The project has seen 13,200,000 plastic bags removed from the environment, 22,000 Plastic bottles recycled and used to make bricks to build the toilets, 500 pupils saved from school closure by health officials because of no sanitary facilities.

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