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Speke Group Of Hotels In Early Health Christmas Offers

To many people, the month of December means eating all the good food they have saved their money to enjoy. This often comes with health burdens like weigh gain and diseases like diabetes, heart complications and all.

This means that you should be careful about what you eat this season and where you eat it because it could have unhealthy repercussions. Since most of the feats are at restaurants, hotels and other gazetted eateries, it is proper that these places are health conscience and caring.

And now that Kampala people are in the mood to eat the festive season away, Speke Group of Hotels, the leading conglomerate in the hospitality industry in Uganda, has some fancy health festive season offers to their esteemed customers.

 The Group is offering special offers including a free glass of champagne to guests who will book to have their staff party, Christmas party and end of year party at any if their hotels. Offer valid until 15 January 2020.

Some of these hotels include Speke Resort, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Kabira Country Club, Speke Apartments, Speke Hotel, Forest Cottages, Dolphin Suites Speke and Apartments Kitante.

Kabira Country Club 

With a rich menu on Christmas Day, and for only Shs75, 000 for adults and Shs45, 000 for children, Kabira Country Club is offering its guests who love the fine things in life to have a memorable Christmas.

Kabira Country Club’s Christmas Roast offers revelers the opportunity to taste different roasted meats, soups. Sauces, bread, vegetables, and desserts prepared exotically to excite your taste buds on a special day.

The kids' area will have penne alfredo, French fries, mini beef burger, mini vegetarian pizza, mini sausage roll, ice cream with toppings. To enjoy all this, adults will pay a paltry.

Speke Resorts Munyonyo

Speke Resort Munyonyo loves the festive season and puts in an effort to see to it that guests have a sumptuous Christmas Day at their expansive tranquil five-star hotel.

Like in the past years, Speke Resort Munyonyo is serving guests the much loved Around the World Christmas Lunch Buffet at the Olympic size poolside.

The chefs have put together a versatile and diverse luxury menu that has a touch of exotic and local dishes specially made to leave a mark on anyone’s food adventure.

The lunch will cost only Shs175, 000 for adults and 75, 000 for children under 14 years comes with a complimentary glass of festive bubbly wine.

On the menu will be the starters which include the garden salads, compound salads, cold cuts, condiments, dips, bread and soups that will be served before the main dishes and desserts.

The main dishes will be served in what they have described as ‘live stations’, categorized live carving stations, live BBQ grills, live street Indian, live Pasta, live naani bread, and hot buffet.

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is offering customers a chance to end the year in style by offering them discounted festive season accommodation packages starting from 13th December 2019 to 5th January 2020.

Between 13th to 23rd December 2019 and 26th December 2019 to 5th January 2020, Single Deluxe Room (one guest) will cost $139, Double Deluxe Room (two guests) will go for $188, One Bedroom Suite (two guests) will go for $219 and the Superior Room (two guests) will go for $250.

The Executive Room (two guests) will go for $250, Executive Suite (two guests will go for $436, Presidential Cottage (four guests) will go for $498 while the Presidential Suite (four guests) will go for $684. An extra person is provided with a mattress on a full board basis for $68 per night.

On 24th and 25th December, the Single Deluxe Room (one guest) will cost $176, Double Deluxe Room (two guests) will go for $262, One Bedroom Suite (two guests) will go for $293 and the Superior Room (two guests) will go for $324.

The Executive Room (two guests) will go for $324, Executive Suite (two guests will go for $510, Presidential Cottage (four guests) will go for $647 while the Presidential Suite (four guests) will go for $832. An extra person is provided with a mattress on a full board basis for $105 per night.


Christmas Kids Camp At Speke Resort To Keep Your Children Health

The physical growth of children is something that doesn’t pay much attention because, in most times, the toddlers are not recommended to professional physical workout. Sometimes this is achieved through Physical Education at school and through other sports activities in and out of school.

In a case where the child is not physically involved in sports activities at school, the child has other avenues to achieve these goals like at social activities like outdoor outings, parties, and adventure engagements. 

For many parents, there is no better time to bond with their children than during the long third term school holiday. The long holiday which usually starts late November to early February coincides with the long festive season.

The school break and the festive season gives creative parents plenty of option to spend time with their offsprings and rejuvenate their relationships. They are plenty of activities that parents can indulge in their children for not only the family bonding but also the children’s personal growth.

And this festive season, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort together with Guido’s Kids Club is hosting kids at their annual Christmas Camp starting from 15th December 2019 to 6th January 2020 at the hotel in Munyonyo. The camp comes with different daily activities to stimulate the children’s social life.

The activities of the day will include free play on play structure table games, basketball or volleyball, in the morning before they enjoy a snack for breakfast, football, free play in the swimming pool area under supervision and lunch is served at 12:30 pm. In the afternoon kids get to enjoy table games, music, dance, reading, drawing, craft and French club, swimming classes and free play before the days end at 4:30 pm.

For a daily fee of Shs60, 000 including lunch for kids between 2 years and 12 years, the Camp gives children an opportunity to interact and make friends with other children which can boost their interpersonal social life growth.


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Kampala Parents School To Help Kids Run For Safe Water

Many schools in rural areas barely access clean usable water yet the need for such water for both children and teaching staff is instrumental to ensure that these children sustainably study. 

The luck for such clean water in these schools led to pupils and teachers to suffer all sorts of diseases and living in unhealthy conditions.

To avert these conditions in the different parts of the country, Ruparelia Group through Kampala Parents’ School is sponsoring the Kampala Kids Run this year with the theme: Safe Drinking Water in Primary Schools.

The Kampala Kids Run being organized by Startimes, a pay television services provider, is scheduled to take place on 8th December 2019 at the Uganda Museum, starting at 6 am.

Speaking at the launch of the StarTimes Kampala Kids Run 2019 in October, Rajiv Ruparelia, a director of Ruparelia Group said they are honored to sponsor the event and said pupils of Kampala Parents' School were going to actively participate.

"Let's get involved and provide safe drinking water to Primary School Children in villages," Rajiv said. Adding: “We work tirelessly to make sure we provide the best yet many children do not have the privileges we have. It is upon us to provide for them,” 

Rajiv challenged the public not to rest until safe drinking water was no longer a problem. “Children in Kampala schools get clean water but this not the case in rural communities. As a director, I am going to ensure that I sensitize children in Kampala schools on the need to help rural children,” said Ruparelia.

The Public Relations Manager of the Kampala Kids Run Bukenya Muhammed says that like last the money will be used to buy water tanks that will be given to needy schools in different rural areas.

“We are looking for money to buy water tanks that will be given to the needy schools in rural communities. Last year we gave out over 25 tanks to different schools, this time we need to give more,” he revealed.

StarTimes CEO Mr. Franklin Wang said the purpose of the event is to come together to support children in rural schools by providing safe drinking water. "We care about each child’s health. So let us make StarTimes Kampala Kids Run a great success.”

For a child to participate in this cause, all he or she needs to do is buy a kit at only UGX 20,000. All proceeds from the event will go to ensuring that there is safe drinking water for children in rural schools.

Besides the kids’ Run which has the 1.5km and 3km race, there will be bouncing castles, work out with Zumba dancers, kid games by the clowns and more.

Thousands of kids from different schools and their parents are expected to turn up for the one-day event at the Uganda Museum competing in 1.5 and three kilometres for kids below eight and those about nine respectively.   



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