Christine Mbatuusa

Christine Mbatuusa

Health Ministry Delivers 5.2m Facemasks To Kampala, Wakiso Mukono Districts

The Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr. Diana Atwine has revealed that 5,225,854 face masks have been delivered to Kampala Metropolitan Area, Wakiso and Mukono districts.

She also revealed that the Ministry of Health has so far distributed 13,455,657 face masks to 30 districts across the country.

While the distribution of masks in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono was scheduled to start over the weekend as the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, had indicated, authorities in these districts requested for more time to systematically plan on delivering the masks to the residents.

"Therefore, much as the Ministry of Health concluded the procurement and delivered facemasks to the above-mentioned areas, our teams are still working with the respective local governments and urban authorities to ensure that these masks are distributed to the population living in these areas.

The distribution of facemasks started from the border districts and followed by districts with cities and municipalities, then districts along the cargo truck transit routes and finally others will follow.

Dr. Atwine emphasized the need for members of the public to continue adhering to the preventive measures that the ministry has consistently communicated.

"Please practice COVID-19 preventive measures such as handwashing with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer frequently, maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters and to always wear a face mask when in public.

"Ensure that the face mask covers your nose and mouth. DO NOT let the mask hang on your neck like a necklace, or hang on your ear. The mask must be worn correctly at all times to protect you and your dear ones from getting infected by COVID-19." she said.

Uganda Records First COVID-19 Death, A Female Medical Worker

The ministry of health Thursday confirmed that Uganda has registered its first COVID-19 death, a 34-year-old female health worker in Namisindwa district. Namisindwa District is bordered by Bududa District to the north, Kenya to the east and south, Tororo District to the south-west, and Manafwa District to the west.

The death was first reported on Wednesday as a suspected COVID-19 case but with sketchy details and now the health ministry has confirmed that indeed it was a coronavirus case. The ministry has said the deceased presented all the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

The Director-General Health Services, at the health ministry, Henry Mwebesa, told a press conference Thursday evening in Kampala that the unnamed deceased presented with COVID like signs and symptoms: fever, dry cough, headache and difficulty in breathing.

She died on Tuesday, 21st July at a hospital in Mbale.

“The post-mortem samples from the deceased were confirmed positive for SARS-COV-2 by 4 laboratories: UVRI, CPHL, Tororo and Makerere. In addition, findings at post-mortem showed features of acute pneumonia; findings that are consistent with COVID-19 infection,” the ministry said.

All people who have been in contact with the deceased have been quarantined and medics are continuing to cast the net wide to capture people who have been in contact with her. The listed contacts so far include family members and healthcare workers.

“The process of contact identification and listing is still ongoing, and we believe the number of contacts may increase as the extensive epidemiological investigation evolves,”

“The contacts will be monitored daily for fourteen (14) days as per our protocol by district surveillance teams supported by Ministry of Health experts who will be deployed in the district,”

“Per our protocol, the contacts are only retired from the contact list after testing negative for COVID-19 after the mandatory 14-day follow up.

“The immediate actions that our district surveillance teams and the District Task Force are undertaking include urgent identification of the source of infection, possible transmission line and extent of community exposure.

The Namasindwa District Task Force has been reactivated to coordinate the district response. So far, thirty (30) contacts to the deceased have been listed and placed under quarantine by the health authorities in Namisindwa.


Uganda’s COVID-19 Confirmed Positive Cases Now At 1,000

The cumulative number of COVID-19 confirmed positive cases since the first case was reported in March has reached the 1000 mark after 219,627 samples were tested during the period.

This comes after Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa, director general health services, at the ministry of health in a statement on Thursday confirmed 23 new COVID-19 cases from 3,316 samples tested on Wednesday.

Uganda hasn’t recorded a single COVID-19 related death.

“To-date, Uganda registered a total of 908 COVID-19 recoveries (recoveries include both Ugandan and non-Ugandans who were admitted here because they could not be repatriated immediately) and no COVID-19 death recorded,” Dr. Mwebesa said.

Positive returnees

Of the 23 confirmed cases on Wednesday, twelve are Ugandan nationals who returned from abroad – eight are from Afghanistan, three from DRC, one from South Africa. They were under quarantine at the time of test, the ministry said.

Uganda Continues To Struggle With COVID-19 After 23 New Cases Are Confirmed

Uganda continues to be hit by the coronavirus after the ministry of health Monday morning confirmed twenty-three new COVID-19 cases from 2, 219 samples tested on Sunday, 22nd June 2020.

Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa, director general health services, ministry of health Uganda in a statement revealed that five new cases were among 1, 308 samples tested from points of entry.

Eighteen cases were among 911 samples of alerts and contacts. He noted that all confirmed cases are Ugandans. The total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Uganda is now 797.

A total of thirteen foreign truck drivers (8 Kenyans, 1 Burundian, 1 Eritrean and 1 Rwandan) tested positive for COVID-19 and were handed over to their respective country of origin.

Uganda has registered a total of 699 COVID-19 recoveries and to-date, no COVID-19 related death has been recorded.

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