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New Victoria University Council Eyes Charter Status

Upon assuming his responsibilities as the chairperson of the new 14-member governing council at Victoria University on Wednesda, Joram Kahenano, has said the priority now is to help Victoria University attained the prestigious and important Charter Status.

“We have already made an application (for a charter to the National Council for Higher Education); the Council is going to concentrate on those things that NCHE requires of us. We have looked at the infrastructure and set up,” Kahenano told journalists shortly after swearing it.

Under the Universities And Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001 (As Amended In, 2003 And As Amended In, 2006), “Charter” means a charter granted by the President under this Act as evidence that the University meets the requirements and standards of academic excellence set by the National Council.

Rajiv Ruparelia who represented the board of directors of Victoria University also pledged to support the new council members in order to ensure quality education of students through putting much emphasis on innovation and providing a good conducive learning environment.

“The beautiful thing with higher education, it has no boundaries, it has no limits. The only limitation is ‘ourselves’ and that limitation will come from the Council and Management on how they wish to drive this University,” he said.

The University chancellor Prof John Asibo Opuda noted that there is a need to provide quality teaching in Ugandan universities such that they can produce transformative graduates.

He added that to achieve this, universities need to have modern capabilities in order to provide good training that involves practical experience.

The Council, sworn in by Her Worship Agnes Nkonge at Victoria University in Kampala, is made up of Joram Kahenano (Chairperson- Specialized in Leadership), Joseph Biribonwa (Vice Chairperson- Specialized in Governance), Rajiv Ruparelia (Member-Representative of Directors) and Dr. Chirag Kotecha (Member-specialized in Health).

Others are Andrew Mwenda (Member- Specialized in Journalism), James Kalebo  (Member-specialist in education), Dr. Mary Kanyiginya  (Member-Specialized in Human Resources), Sameer Thakar (Member- Specialized in Finance) and Dr. Consolata Kabonesa (Member Specialized in Gender/ Senate).

Also on the governing council are Rashid  Ssemambo (Member-Specialized in Law), Dr Lawrence Muganga (Member- Specialized in Education), Mark Serebe (Member  as Guild President of the University),  John Bosco Waliraki (Member-  Victoria University staff representative and Katusabe Ssemwezi (Ex-Officio-University Secretary).


COVID19 Cases At Bank Of Uganda That Never Were

The deputy governor Bank of Uganda Dr Michael Atingo-Ego and a group of ‘influential’ individuals duped the governor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile that there were confirmed Covid-19 cases at the central bank, an insider told Eagle Online.

Apparently, the reported COVID-19 ‘never existed’ but ‘a creation of some individuals together with Dr. Atingi-Ego’ to keep the governor and some non-essential workers away from their workstations at the central bank and work from their homes.   

Sources further told Eagle Online that it is at this very time that matters of Crane Bank resurrected and so is the issue liquidation.

“Sources within the central bank say there is no central cohesion anymore in the bank due to the absence of the governor most of the time given that he works from home and secondly the issue of Coronavirus,” the website reported.

Some heads and deputy heads of department were required into the office to perform some duties of among others signing documents and later leave, it added.

“Thieves are utilizing the absence of the governor to execute selfish motives at the BoU. As you are aware, the governor is frail and spends most of the time at home. He only comes in when there are urgent issues so they are taking that chance,” the source said.

This comes in awake of property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia’s motives to repossess his former Crane Bank. Sudhir claims that the receivership ended in January 2018 noting that the board is ready to run the bank.

Source further reveal that Atingi-Ego is a close buddy of his predecessor Louis Kasekende and has since followed his advice and instruction in conducting business. Kasekende is rumoured to have saved him when he was sent Luzira prison some years back.

Dfcu, Prudential Partner To Offer Hospital Cash Cover Insurance

dfcu Bank has partnered with Prudential Uganda to launch a campaign aimed at ensuring that customers in the informal sector who are hospitalised can earn a daily stipend in lieu of lost income.

The newly launched Dembe Account Hospital Cash campaign has been dubbed as ‘Kili-fit with hospital cash”. Kili-fit means “it’s fine, it’s okay or it’s fit” in luglish or slang. 

The campaign will see dfcu Bank customers who hold the bank’s Dembe account for low-income earners in the informal sector gain access to a fixed daily cash benefit of Shs20,000 per night if hospitalized for more than one night for up to 40 nights in a year.

The account holder will be able to claim their benefits through Prudential within 3 months of the date of hospitalization.

dfcu Bank’s Head, Personal Banking, Miranda Bageine Musoke said the largest percentage of Ugandans are low-income earners and for the informal sector health insurance is not a priority.

“As a bank, we also recognize the challenges in accessing healthcare while meeting basic needs for those in the informal sector. So, in partnership with Prudential, we believe that we can do more to support our customers and lighten the load by ensuring the daily necessities are catered for when they are hospitalised,” she said.

Prudential Uganda’ chief operations officer, Zephaniah Dube said the process of making the hospital cash cover benefit claim is very quick and simple.

“All you need to do is submit a hospital discharge form, an ID and a selfie or passport photo, through a dfcu WhatsApp number, and the claim will be made with 3-5 working days,” Dube said, adding that Prudential has enjoyed great success in providing pragmatic solutions to families in Uganda.  

Comedian Publicity Nateete was unveiled as the “Kili fit” campaign ambassador. Publicity Nateete shot to fame because of his odd and comical way of speech that continues to trend on social media.

His comedic acts have won him fans from all over Uganda and we hope he will help us drive the campaign message home to our target audience that finds him very relatable. ANY TIME NOW!

According to data from the Central Bank, the largest percentage of Ugandans are low-income earners. 37% who manage to set aside savings, mainly save to cover expenses such as food, education while 26% save for emergencies like illness.

Take Charge Of Your Wellness At Kabira Country Club Gym

The need to be more aware of our physical health status increases each passing day especially now when the COVID19 pandemic has made many of us inactive due to lost jobs and working from home. Because we are usually home sleeping, sitting or napping in couches, our bodies have become unfit.

And following the reopening of gyms, saunas and other wellness places, you can use the free time to work out and get your body back in shape.

Hotels like Kabira Country Club in Bukoto, have the right wellness facilities and have put in place the SOPs recommended therefore you can be sure that the COVID19 risk has been minimized.

 “Trying to quickly shed off the remainder of that quarantine weight gain or may be trying to tighten up your tummy before your scientific wedding, now is the time for you to work out,” Kabira Country Club said in social media messages encouraging the public to try out their gym.

Adding: “Don’t let your wellness take a backseat when you can be in the rider’s seat instead, jump into our workout studio. No matter your choice of workout, we have it covered,”

Kabira with the state of the art gym provides clients with the space to do aerobics and zumba on select days and for a limited number of clients. Services like zumba have a wide range of health benefits like controlling stress levels.

With one of the biggest and best equipped gym in the East African region, Kabira Country Club gym instructors have the expertise and experience that has helped their clients attain their fitness and healthy living goals.

Apart from the gym, Kabira Country Club has with supervision reopened its outdoor activities like swimming, sports activities, aerobics and jogging.  “We know you must have missed the sharp dives, the cool breeze and the green nature down here!

Well, we are overjoyed with the good news that we can’t wait any longer to announce that all our outdoor activities will officially be open to the general public. However, terms & conditions apply,” Kabira announced through its social media pages.

Kabira Country Club offers exquisite business and good family time and for the years past, Kabira has capped its beauty by keeping maximum standards and quality services.

Set amongst a foray of palm trees in an idyllic suburb of Bukoto, less than a 15-minute drive from the hub of Kampala city, Kabira is the premier boutique hotel in the city.

Through the gates and up into a swanky courtyard the Club is cut off from the clamour and hustle that surrounds it.

For any kinds of inquiries please call; +256 752 711 009.

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