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Speke Resort's Gym Introduces Zumba Fitness Classes

Dance, particularly Zumba, as a fitness exercise has become a global phenomenon and has enormous health benefits for those who partake in it.

Zumba has become a mainstay on some of the modern gyms, offices, schools and hotels who are responding to travellers’ needs.

Many travellers turn to Zumba to keep up with their fitness routines while they are away from their homes and cannot be in sync with their fitness schedules.

And to respond to this demand, Speke Resort and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort have introduced Zumba fitness classes every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

To those people who are usually busy during weekdays, the classes will also be conducted on Saturday at 9 am at a fee of Shs20, 000 per person each day.

Zumba is a fun activity and the experts say people who participate in Zumba are usually happy and control their stress levels.

Why you should Zumba?

Zumba Fitness is a cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere - dance. Zumba is one of the most fun and versatile fitness crazes to come along in a long time.

The high-and low-intensity intervals make Zumba an excellent cardio workout. The credentials of this exercise are the same for both men and women.

This dance form is basically used as a cardio exercise for health and fitness which basically focus on weight loss purposes.

Besides losing weight, Zumba can help lower your risk of heart disease, reduce your blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and boost your good cholesterol.

While an aerobic based workout program will make you lose weight quicker, you will also gain weight quickly if you stop following a fitness program like Zumba.

With a faster workout program, there is a higher chance of injury by tripping, slipping or falling down or simply spraining a muscle.

It also tones your entire body and brings it to an adorable shape. So you don’t have to worry about your appearance amongst your peers, give Zumba a try.

Hospitals Have Failed To Attract Medical Staff, Says PS Ministry Of Health

The Permanent Secretary (PS) of Ministry of Health, Dr. Diana Atwine, has said that they are struggling to attract qualified medical staff in medical facilities spread across the country despite persistent advertising and call for applications from suited Ugandans.

Dr. Atwine, speaking to Business Focus in an exclusive interview, explained that this unattractiveness has led to understaffing at the ministry headquarters and other hospitals and that it remains a big challenge.

She said this understaffing is hampering service delivery at the ministry and health centers.

"In addition, underfunding of the ministry has also proved a big challenge with some facilities lacking the necessary equipment and increased utility bills such as power and water that slow work.

"Unfulfilled Financial commitments, especially of counterpart funding of big projects, has led to skyrocketing interests’ accumulation and in some instances has led to litigation that has made the government pay heavily.

"Waste management, stalling of works and low absorption in externally funded projects (stringent requirements in some projects put up by funders like the World Bank causing slow disbursement), continue to plague the ministry," Dr. Atwine told Business Focus.

Asked what they are doing to address these challenges, Dr. Atwine said they are continuing to engage both technical and political leaders of districts to actively participate in health promotion at all levels.

"This will continue until we see improvement. It goes a long way in spreading the message about what we are doing so we can be more accountable to the public.

"We are training more specialists for deployment to our health facilities to cover the big gap. Also at the center, we are undergoing a recruitment process aimed at filling all vacant positions in the new structure that was recently reviewed to cover key technical areas of health services delivery.

Read Full Interview HERE

Start 2020 With This 30% Discount Gym Offer At Speke Resort

After a long festive season of resting and little or no physical activity to pump up body fitness, many people are considering starting to work out to boost their body’s healthy.

Well aware of this need, Speke Resort & Conference Centre (commonly known as Speke Resort Munyonyo) is making the health their clients their mission by offering all customers taking up new membership a 30 percent discount.

This discount covers a period of January up to March. Management also said that members who will be renewing their membership in this period will be entitled to benefit from this benefit.

This membership once paid up, also grants customers access to the swimming pool, gym and other health facilities like steam and sauna.  

"Already thinking about your New Year fitness resolution? Don't miss out on our unbeatable offers at the fitness gym with up to 30% discount," the hotel said in a New Year's message on their social media pages.

Speke Resort offers guests the ultimate in luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together with the finest conference and business meeting location in East Africa.

Guests can enjoy the use of our Olympic size pool, gymnasium and sports facilities, equestrian centre and 5 star restaurant, a fully equipped business centre and 10 flexible fully equipped and staffed conference and meeting rooms.

Speke Resort is also the ideal location for wedding or banquet, either outside (in one of our marquees) or in one of the banqueting halls.

Five Healthy Benefits Of Practicing Taekwondo

For many people, the only time they see people practicing taekwondo is during international sporting events like the Olympics or in movies.

Not many people that sport of taekwondo is a great source of body wellness if done for leisure and under the watch of a professional trainer.

In Uganda, taekwondo is not a prominent sport and not many gyms offer to teach this art at a fitness and body shaping workout.

In Kampala, it is only The City Gym, located at Kampala Boulevard on Kampala road and Speke Apartments Gym, at Speke Apartments on Wampewo that offer professional taekwondo training for health benefits.

For this article, we sought out the experts at Speke Apartments Gym to tell as the core health benefits of practicing taekwondo and below is what they had to say.

  1. It Improves muscle tone and appearance
  2. Increases strength and stamina
  3. It improves confidence and self-esteem
  4. It improves agility and reflexes; and
  5. It improves concentration and focus.

The trainers, however, warn that to achieve the health benefits, one must be committed and adhere to the training schedule as agreed upon by the trainer.

And while other people might look at taekwondo teaches you to fight and a tool for violent fights, experts instead say that taekwondo in its true spirit teaches you not to fight because it is a peaceful sport. 

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