COVID19: Health Ministry Warns Against Unregulated Use Of Oxygen At Home

COVID19: Health Ministry Warns Against Unregulated Use Of Oxygen At Home A patient, wearing an oxygen mask, sits outside Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, one of India's largest facilities for coronavirus disease patients only [Reuters]

The ministry of health is urging members of the public from administering oxygen to COVID19 patients at home or ungazetted health facilities because this is dangerous.

In a Friday press statement, the ministry revealed that the oxygen is being purchased from unknown places; some of which are not certified and accredited by the ministry of health and the national drug authority.

It said: “Oxygen is one of the class A medical supplies that should only be used after proper prescription by medical personnel; and its use should, at all times, be monitored and regulated by a trained health worker,”

Adding: “The haphazard oxygen administration has resulted in deterioration of patients and by the time they are rushed to gazetted hospitals, they are in poor condition and sometimes cannot be helped,”

The public, the ministry said, should note that this is very dangerous to the lives of their patients and the entire household where such administration is taking place.

Relatedly, the ministry of health has revealed that they have started installing an oxygen plant at Mulago. Oxygen has become the most needed commodity in managing terminally COVID19 patients.

“Installation of the new oxygen plant at @MulagoHospital has commenced. The plant is expected to produce 70,000 Ltrs of oxygen per minute in addition to the 2,083 Ltrs produced by the old oxygen plants,” the ministry announced on Twitter.  

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