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Kabira Country Club To Host Kids Parties

Kabira Country Club in Bukoto Kabira Country Club in Bukoto

Children learn a lot when they engage in outdoor activities therefore kids parties at this time of the year do help a lot. Kabira Country Club, ideal venues to host children has lined up a number of activities to engage children and stimulate their learning.

The hotel has introduced what they have called Kids' Combo Offer every Saturday and Sunday. This works in a way that the child gets food plus free access to the play area from 9am to 6pm, at only Shs36, 000.

Already ongoing is the Mid Term Camp organized by Guido Kids' Club and running from 9th October to 2nd November 2017. The Midterm Camp is targeting ages of 2-12years. At Shs60, 000, per child, per day working day of the week, inclusive of lunch, your child can learn tremendously.

At the Mid Term Camp, your child can experience outdoor childhood fun and adventure, spend their day being physically active, experience success and become more confident, learn social skills and develop lifelong skills and have free time for unstructured play.

Activities being  carried out include sports, education and language development through exploratory games, using hoola hoops, balls of many kinds, car tyres, karate punching pad and more, plus other sports like swimming, football, basketball, tennis ball, and Karate. The Camp takes place on weekdays, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto.


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