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Sembabule Community Gets Health Boost From Racer

Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team was in Sembabule district as their lead racer Rajiv Ruparelia took part in the Sembabule SMC Rally 2021 over the past weekend.

The Team led by Rajiv managed to make time to visit and donate to the maternity ward of Sembabule Hospital.

Daniel Kahiu, the team manager, said they delivered to the hospital 50kgs of sugar, 3 boxes of bathing soap, 3 dozen of cotton wool and 4 boxes of gloves.

"As Team RR, we took a moment to give back to the community of Sembabule and Sembabule Hospital,” Kahiu said.

Rural hospital like this in Sembabule continue to be underfunded by the government and for them to get such support from the sports fraternity is a big boost.

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