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Baz Waiswa

PICTORIAL: 5,000 Kampala Vulnerable Families Get COVID-19 Relief Aid

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has put many people, especially the poor, into an enviable position as the country slowly but systematically locks down.


Many families in Kampala live under what is famously known as hand to mouth and with the restriction enforced on movement and work as a means of curtailing the spread of the virus, many families are struggling to feed.


In the spirit of giving and sharing, Ruparelia Foundation and Cedric Babu Ndlima, who is eying the Kampala Central MP seat organized a three-day tour of Kampala suburbs and delivered relief items like food, health kits to 5000 families.


The tour targeted the parishes of Kamwokya, Memgo, Kagugube, Bukesa, Nakivubo, Shauriyako, Industrial Area Kisenyi and Old Kampala.


They worked alongside local leaders specifically LC1 chairpersons to tour and deliver the items which included sugar, maize flour, beans & soap.   


The purpose of the tour was not only to show love and support during these trying times of coronavirus but to also sensitize the local community on what precautions and measurers they can do to protect their families and communities in which they live.

Under the theme #FightingCoronaTogether, Babu said noted that country is going through a difficult period right now. Uganda has as of Tuesday, 31st March 2020, confirmed 44 cases of COVID-19 with no death yet.


“This is the time for us to show collective responsibility. We have to unite, pull together as communities and follow the guidelines as set by the ministry of Health if we are to get though the crisis.” Babu said.


Uganda’s Health Ministry Announces 8 New Coronavirus Cases

The Ministry of Health has announced that Uganda has registered eight (8) new coronavirus (COVID19) cases, taking the total tally of cases in the country to nine (9). Uganda announced it's first case Saturday night.

“All the 8 cases are Ugandan nationals who travelled back from Dubai, UAE.; 2 on the 20/03/2020 & 6 on the 22/03/2020 aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” the minister for health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said at a midnight press conference.

The minister revealed that to date, a total of 2,661 travellers including Ugandans identified as potential risk have been either under self-quarantine or institutional quarantine. "Of these, 1,356 are under follow up; 774 of these are under institutional quarantine while 582 are under self-quarantine," she said.

It looks like the Ugandan authorities were not so strict on the Dubai route because it was not among the high-risk countries. Now the country is paying the ultimate price of this laxity.

President Yoweri Museveni last Wednesday announced that all travellers from the highrisk countries would be quarantined. UAE was not on the list of the countries the president readout. He had also stopped any Uganda from travelling abroad.

The minister appealed to all Ugandans who had been to Dubai in the past two weeks to call the health desk at the ministry for a check-up ‘so that they are helped and the help the public,’.

“You can get the fever (one of the symptoms of COVID19) from the second day to the fourteenth depending on your immunity,” she substantiated on how long it takes the virus to incubate.

She revealed that they have secured enough testing kits and World Health Organisation (WHO) has ordered for me.


Uganda Announces First Coronavirus Case, A 36-Year-Old Ugandan Male

Uganda’s minister for health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has announced at a press conference held late-night Saturday (Sunday morning) that a male traveller returning into the country tested positive for COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public that Uganda has confirmed her first case of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Dr. Aceng said in a statement she read to members of the press.

“The confirmed case is a 36-year-old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai today, Saturday 21st March 2020 aboard Ethiopian Airlines at 2:00 am. During the screening process at the airport, his temperature was 38.7.

This prompted the health teams to isolate him at the airport for further follow up. Subsequent temperatures taken at intervals of 30 minutes and one hour remained the same. He was evacuated to Entebbe Grade B Hospital for further follow up where a nasal swab was taken for analysis.

The confirmed case presented with high fever and poor appetite. He is not coughing neither did he have flu. However, the persistent fever prompted the health workers to isolate him.

His nasal swab samples were sent to the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for analysis. Results from UVRI showed the sample is positive for COVID-19.

The confirmed case had travelled to Dubai on 17th of Mach, 2020 (four days ago) for business purposes. At the time of his travel, he was in good health. He is a resident of Kibuli, Kagunguulu zone, Kampala,” the minister read from the statement.

She revealed that ‘to date, a total of 1,827 travelers including Ugandans and others travelling back home have been identified as coming from high risk countries for purposes of follow up. About 827 are completing self-quarantine while about 1, 000 are under quarantine.

“The Ministry of Health reassures the general public that all measures were undertaken to identify this case at the airport and isolate him in a timely manner. The passenger manifest has been retrieved and all contacts are known as we are in possession of the passports of all the travelers that came on that plane.”

Earlier in the day, President Yoweri Museveni had issued an order to shut down Entebbe International Airport and all border entries. No passenger flights are now allowed to fly to land at Entebbe airport or take off. Like the airport, only cargo carriers are allowed to enter Uganda.

World Health Organization (WHO) in Uganda said they 'will do whatever it takes to continue to protect Ugandans from the disease,'. Please practice the guidelines issued by MoH and WHO to protect you and those around you, WHO said in a message to Ugandans.


Coronavirus: Victoria University Students Tipped On How Stay Safe

Victoria University has issued guidelines to its students and public to ensure that they safeguard themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

In a notice from the university’s faculty of health sciences, students are told to wash their hands regularly with an alcoholic-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

“Make sure that you and the people around you follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with your hand elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose all the used tissue immediately,” the Ugandan university advised.

“Maintain at least one metre distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.” The notice adds.

Victoria is the first university in Uganda to issue a public notice to its students and staff warning them about the epidemic which has locked down the entire global economy. There are over 50 universities in Uganda.

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