Uganda’s Health Ministry Announces 8 New Coronavirus Cases

Minister for health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Minister for health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng COURTESY PHOTO

The Ministry of Health has announced that Uganda has registered eight (8) new coronavirus (COVID19) cases, taking the total tally of cases in the country to nine (9). Uganda announced it's first case Saturday night.

“All the 8 cases are Ugandan nationals who travelled back from Dubai, UAE.; 2 on the 20/03/2020 & 6 on the 22/03/2020 aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” the minister for health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said at a midnight press conference.

The minister revealed that to date, a total of 2,661 travellers including Ugandans identified as potential risk have been either under self-quarantine or institutional quarantine. "Of these, 1,356 are under follow up; 774 of these are under institutional quarantine while 582 are under self-quarantine," she said.

It looks like the Ugandan authorities were not so strict on the Dubai route because it was not among the high-risk countries. Now the country is paying the ultimate price of this laxity.

President Yoweri Museveni last Wednesday announced that all travellers from the highrisk countries would be quarantined. UAE was not on the list of the countries the president readout. He had also stopped any Uganda from travelling abroad.

The minister appealed to all Ugandans who had been to Dubai in the past two weeks to call the health desk at the ministry for a check-up ‘so that they are helped and the help the public,’.

“You can get the fever (one of the symptoms of COVID19) from the second day to the fourteenth depending on your immunity,” she substantiated on how long it takes the virus to incubate.

She revealed that they have secured enough testing kits and World Health Organisation (WHO) has ordered for me.


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