Masaka COVID19 Patients Return Into Community Without Treatment

Fred Bamwine, the RDC of Masaska district is faced with a COVID19 challenge Fred Bamwine, the RDC of Masaska district is faced with a COVID19 challenge INTERNET PHOTO
By Abbas Kabonge
Hordes of people diagnosed with Covid19 are getting back into the community without treatment because there is no space in health facilities in the district to admit them.
The president's representative in the district, Fred Bamwine reveals how sixty people out of one hundred who turn up daily for testing are being diagnosed with the fatal disease.
" Majority of the victims go back into the community because the health facilities here are filled up", Bamwine, who is also the district's Covid19 Task Force Committee chairman, aknowledges.
The sick people who go back into the community end up mingling with others who get infected in the process.
" We sensitize the people to wear face masks. We advise them to observe social distancing. We tell them to wash their hands and or sanitize. Unfortunately, the people are not taking our counsel seriously, " Bamwine notes.
Bamwine points how there has been a surge in the numbers of people infected with the disease and counting since the people are not observing the standard operating procedures above.
He fears that as more and more people get infected and infect others with  Covid 19 because of their recklessness, they will overwhelm the already overwhelmed health facilities available leading to a worst-case scenario of thousands of sick people.
But,  Bamwine is not frustrated. He says he will keep policing the people even if it means flogging the offenders to get the message across.
" We aren't done until we are done with imparting cautionary measures to everyone. We shall fight on until we get the message home," Bamwine concludes.

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