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Health & Safety Oil & Gas Online Course Opens At Victoria University

The oil and gas industry has been taunted as the next big driver of the economy in Uganda, a country that boasts of 6.5bn barrels of oil and a significant amount of natural gas in western Uganda. Many Ugandans are preparing to participate in the nascent industry which will attract $20bn worth of investment.

While Ugandans are looking at making the petrol dollar, it is important that they note that the oil and gas is a sensitive industry that poses health and environment risks. It is therefore important that the country has health and safety experts to take care of such risks.

Luckily, institutions like Victoria University are offering the right and certified training to Ugandans willing to get the professional skills that are required to be able to work in the oil and gas industry. The Jinja Road based university has lined up a number of certificate, diploma and degree courses that are related to oil and gas.

The university has now announced that these courses can be accessed and studied online. In particular, the university announced a six weeks online oil and gas health and safety certificate course and its intake is ongoing here.

The certificate in health, safety and environmental management in the oil and gas industry gives an introduction to the health, safety and environmental challenges encountered in the oil and gas industry.  It provides an insight into the main drivers of the regulatory framework that govern compliance in the sector.

The university also offers a certificate in the introduction to the oil and gas industry, a course designed to provide oil and gas professionals with the opportunity to gain a technical and commercial understanding of the industry fundamentals. 

Also offered is the certificate in oil and gas supply chain and logistics management, a course that focuses on an overview of logistics and procurement management in the oil, and gas industry based on the concept of supply chain management (SCM).

Another certificate offered is the certificate in oil and gas project management, a course that aims to give students a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of project management as it relates to the dynamic oil and gas and energy industries.  


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