This University Is Vying To Have Best Medical School In Uganda

Victoria University has state of art facilities and tools in their medical school Victoria University has state of art facilities and tools in their medical school COURTESY PHOTO

One of the challenges facing Uganda’s health sector is the lack of health workers and facilities. The dip in health workers availability is somehow brought about by insufficient training centres in the country. Many of the health training centres are owned by government and are not well equipped.

However private high learning institutions like Victoria University are moving fast to bridge the gap. The University located on Jinja Road has set its eyes on having the best medical school and they have started doing something about it.

“Our labs are very modern, advanced and fully functional. We have the most advanced and most expensive medical manikin in Uganda. We also make the environment comfortable for students. We believe more in participant-facilitator relation than student-lecturer relation,” said Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, the university vice chancellor.

“Just look at our state of art facilities. Though we are located at the heart of Kampala, our building is soundproof to provide a peaceful learning environment. All of our classrooms are fully air conditioned and equipped with smart-board, overhead projector, speakers, computer system etc. Our student-computer ratio, book-student ratio etc are excellent. We provide free internet and laptop to our students,”

The Ruparelia Group owned University boosts of a fully fledged and well equipped and facilitated Faculty of Health Sciences offering Bachelor of Midwifery Science, Bachelor of Nursing Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (BHND) and Environmental Health Science.

The University students are also involved in community outreaches as a way of giving back to the community and uplifting the communities.

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