MoU Signed To Implement Trial Of Diagnostic Software

MoU Signed To Implement Trial Of Diagnostic Software

Byon8, a Sweden’s med-tech company developing intelligent technology for the global health care sector, OneWorld Health (OWH), an American health organization with clinics in Masindi, western Uganda and Victoria University Kampala signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last week to implement and evaluate the efficiency of the Artificial Intelligent diagnostic support platform (AITOPYA) in a Ugandan context during a one year pilot project.

Victoria University through its faculty of health sciences will spearhead the research component of this project. They will assemble a team of researchers to collect data, analyze and publish it in peer review journals. The applicability, feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of AITOPYA will be tested during this period which is expected to end in September, 2019.

The project will see Byon8 introduce and install the needed AITOPYA hard and software at clinics managed by OWH. Byon8 will also conduct a two day training of staff members of the clinic how to use the software. The purpose of the training is to teach health workers at these clinics how to use the platform in the most efficient way.

Byon8 works to develop the next generation of health care using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain, with the dual goal of improving both quality of care and efficiency in the delivery of health care services.

The flagship product AITOPYA, supports health care providers in diagnosing patients by using AI technology with the dual goal of both improving quality of care and save time and resources in primary heath care settings.

The Vice Chancellor Victoria University Dr. Krishna N. Sharma described the partnership as ‘good’ before assuring all partners that they will not be disappointed for trusting the University.

“ As a health practitioner, I can really see the need of this because the health care industry keeps changing - new diagnosis, new tests, new medicines - the things that used to matter don’t matter now. Your values match those of Victoria University.”

Josef Murad, the CEO Byon8, says AITOPYA paves way for the new generation of quality health care that is accessible, affordable and equal. “We are working with something that is of great value and importance to us, we are working with human life. And changing life’s quality is not an easy task. We have chosen a simple yet effective way - AITOPYA,”

“AITOPYA is a software for professionals and patients. They can use the software to input patient data from anywhere they are, for example at home,” Murad says.

“The software will use this information to calculate he most probable diagnosis. It can also enable remote consultations via video chats. It also gives health professionals to follow up on patients remotely, they don’t have to actually go to where the patient is.

“It also works as a health resource that gives patients recommendations 24/7, for example what they should eat and this prevents diseases. It automates documentation and administration.”

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