Hoima Youths Told To Avoid Premarital Sex To Avoid HIV, Pregnancies

Hoima Youths Told To Avoid Premarital Sex To Avoid HIV, Pregnancies

By George Businge  

The Buhaguzi County member of parliament (MP) Daniel Muhairwe has urged youths in the Albertine grabben, western Uganda, to abstain from premarital sex.

The legislator in a similar tone says parents should not advise children to turn to condoms as a measure of protection but rather encourage them to live a no sex life. This he said prevents them risking their lives.

Muhairwe made the remarks at the opening of a sub national budget consultation and regional dissemination of sexuality education framework at Miika Echo Resort Hoima on Wednesday.

The meeting was organized by Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA) Uganda. Muhairwe reaffirmed that HIV/AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease, can lead to loss of life, even at a tender age.

He appealed to cultural institutions and religious leaders in the region to sensitize the youths using their platforms. He said adolescents should avoid sexual intercourse because it can cause problems like getting pregnant and diseases.  

Dr Joseph Ruyonga, the Hoima district health officer, said sexually transmitted diseases still require attention from stakeholders. He requested civil society organizations (CSOs)to emphasize sensitization of the adolescents about dangers of early sex.

Dr Ruyonga noted that avoiding sex is a simpler natural way of avoiding problems that are associated to practicing sex at a tender age. He explained that this helps them to stay in school and avoid diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Precious K from Kanoni Njangali Primary School blamed their parents for not coming out to advise them about the dangers associated with sex when still young.

Patrick Ojulong, the executive director of AGHA, said they are providing a platform to realize improved social, political and policy environment for sexual reproductive health and rights of all young people in Uganda.

He revealed that the meeting targeted officials from national and district levels, young people, CSOs, religious and cultural leaders, service providers, members of parliament, academia and law enforcement officials.

He added that the meeting was to generate a package of key adolescent

health issues that should inform prioritization in the health budget for 2019/2020; to identify key challenges and obstacles.

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